Hi everyone,
Exciting news: Our making of The Future Foundation  will be organizing a large private, free fundraising screening on May 31 in Amsterdam.
We are very honored to have in attendance: Our honorary Board members: Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parme, Duke of Parma and Piacencza and Klaas van Egmond, Professor in Geosciences at the University of Utrecht. Klaas will assist with the reflections during the Q&A with me, filmmaker Renée Scheltema. 
We are very grateful to have WWF KITThe Royal Tropical Institute, Philips, Eelloo, Het Groene BreinThe Vegetarian ButcherSpirit Restaurants, Moyee Coffee and Bieter Ballen as our partners this evening It will be an interesting audience with students, corporate sponsors, and private partners. The KIT is using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as a general framework for action. A great match.
We still have a few business opportunities left, including an interactive session with Master students, and experts in sustainability. 
The Making of The Future Foundation is staging this screening to raise funds for the worldwide distribution of Normal is Over, and for the completion of a new sequel documentary which will on the reconnection of money to nature. 
Our Foundation now has official ANBI status.
For more info, you can contact us here: info@makingofthefuture.org
I am also happy to share that we have raised our first fundraising milestone. Thanks so much to the Fred Foundation for your generous support.
At the end of last year there was some nationwide press in The Netherlands for the film. Thanks NRC Handelsblad,  Max TV  and Nachtkijkers NPO Radio . This publicity led to new screenings, and I am finding myself in Amsterdam once again. 
Lastly we have partnered with Heroes and Friends. Those who have a page on Facebook have the option to become an ‘Ambassador‘ , http://makingofthefuture.org/support/
This will allow us to share stories directly on your Facebook page every once and a while. You can decide how ofter you want to share and you can stop at any given moment.An effortless way to help us grow our reach.
We hope that you will support us as we raise global awareness of the importance of the regeneration and conservation of our home, planet earth.
Warm regards,