Wishing you all a very happy 2020.
We spend some time camping and I am busy filming for the Community Exchange System in Cape Town: No money needed, a great community, lots of exchanges; no waste (except up-recycling), solar power only, veggie food, fun workshops, lots of drumming and beautiful music. In a way one can be living the #newnormal, just because there is a different kind of #exchange system and no #money involved.

I trust that we can make an even larger impact with Normal Is Over The Movie and The New Normal Foundation this year.  Our way of life, the reality created around material success, short-term profits, and personal benefits at the expense of the common good, are resulting in climate change, species extinction, wealth inequality, resource depletion and more. There are plenty of #solutions out there. We first need to become aware of the big picture, and the analysis of the complex problems, before we can take positive action.

I am gratefull that The New Normal Foundation has new proactive board members, who are happy to carry out its mission: the regeneration of our planet through a series of solution oriented documentaries and the spreading of the word about #normalisover.

At the film-laboratory in Amsterdam, they told me they had never seen so much action around a film, like Normal is Over, for such a long period of time.  This is both good news (the message of the film is more relevant then ever) and bad, as we are living at a critical time in human history.

Thanks to those who already hosted #screenings all over the world; those who voluntary helped with 8 translations, lovely people who donated, and of course all board members who have helped so much to create a greener planet. If you can dream it, you can do it. ✨