Dear All,

At the occasion of an exciting spike in publicity, and interviews with several radio stations in the US, I decided to make Normal Is Over The Movie available on Vimeo. Did you know that 16 amazing volunteers from all over the world enthousiastically offered to translate Normal is Over into 7 more languages? : Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, and we ‘re working on the Russian translation.

Once you have watched the film,  you know much better what you’re in for when you plan to hold a Screening via Gathr or Demand.Film, or before you purchase an Educational DVD.  DVD sales for personal use will be announced later.

The Making of The Future Foundation  is almost off the ground, and these amazing volunteers from the US and Holland support Normal is Over as a tool for the next two projects, one of them will be a new documentary which will focus on the implementation of some of the many SOLUTIONS offered in the film:)