Hi Everyone,

I have been working hard to spread the word of Normal is Over, and hope I-we, will soon get assistance from the Foundation Making of The Future, to create meaningful change for a sustainable planet. Last Sunday, March 26, the film was screening at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town. Comments were great: ..”Spectacular film”, ..”well crafted”; …”A Life School” . However I was already traveling to California to attend three screenings. Normal Is Over received Official Selection status at the Sonoma International Film Festival and is screening this evening, March 30 at 20.00 pm and Sunday at 17.00 pm. Thanks to my dear  friends Sacha and Howie I will be able to stay on in Mill Valley, California, and get ready for the bigger screening of the film on April 12, 7 p.m.at the Throckmorton Theatre. Plus Q and A. Board members will be attending as well. We really hope to organize a larger engagement campaign to drive the global community to watch the award-winning documentary  Normal Is Over, and start the discussion about the various SOLUTIONS to reverse the path of global decline.