How To Host A Screening

Tips on how to host your screening

To show Normal is Over to a group of people in your community,
you need a Public Screening License (includes a disc).

Please contact:
Public donations are welcome

This is an independently made film, which took 5 years to produce.
We would like your support for a greener planet.


– Find a venue
– Connect with your followers and make a database
– Encourage them to spread the word on their newsletter, blog, media and social media channels
– Choose a good day, like Earth Day (P.S. Everyday should be Earth DayJ)
– Turn friends into evangelists, and diplomats who tell their friends.
– Send out invitations using the artwork of Normal Is Over in the Press kit.
– Connect with your local media and tell them why the film is “newsworthy”
– Find an eloquent well known moderator who is willing to do the Q and A
– Take your time (20-30 min.) for the Q and A afterwards.
– Make a list of people who are enthusiastic, ask their emails and if they can be shared.
– Skype with Renee during Q and A
– Support this independent filmmaker, & investigative journalist with a donation, so she
can continue to make films.
– Spread the word on social media, blogs etc.

You can find Promotional material here on the “Normal Is Over” Website:
About the Film & Press kit.